photo 14 Oct

Cute overload.

photo 15 Sep

This is FUCKING awesome. But it would end up pretty badly most of the times.


photo 10 Sep

I bought this today and it makes me feel old.

photo 10 Sep

This could be the last ice cream of the year. Btw. It’s melting really fast.

photo 9 Sep

My father force me to go to the hairdresser. Btw. That’s my calm anger force.

photo 9 Sep

I just found an IKEA 2015 catalogue on the street and I’m gonna keep it. :-)

photo 2 Sep

Soy de los que se entretiene deshaciendo el nudo de la cuerda del fuet.

photo 2 Sep


I nearly choked.

(Source: spiralingsidewayz)

photo 24 Aug

Coffee break time!

photo 21 Aug

Deodorant? Sure it is.

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